Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Vegan 2016!

            Vegan or not, many New Year’s Resolutions include eating better, exercising more, drinking more water, healing our mind and body, and overall our HEALTH!
            As a vegan who has seen many successes since going plant based, my one true wish would be for everyone to be vegan, or at the very least, try veganism. We try for others, try to do our homework, and try to learn new languages, so why not try to better ourselves? There will always be people opposed to our “vicious” vegan ways (because vegans are so scary) but we can’t blame those carnivores for their ways, when they themselves have yet to understand and try the vegan way.
So with that, I give you a week of vegan trying below.
Meatless Mondays: A popular trend that many follow, but by taking meat off your plate for a meal, you truly are saving animals through less demand for meat.
Black Bean Burger, YUM!
Tofu Tuesdays: For most nonvegans, they find it difficult to substitute animal protein for plant based protein. Whether it’s tempeh or tofu, adding this to a meal, or even switching out your scrambled eggs for a tofu scramble, is a great start in the vegan direction and also your health.
Microwave it Wednesdays: With all of the frozen food and microwaveable meals out there, and also with how much of it we as consumers buy, why not go for a vegan option next time? Though microwave meals are not the best option, sometimes it’s easier, and a vegan choice is a much better decision than a nonvegan one.
Frothy Thursdays:  Americans consume a crazy amount of coffee every day, and it’s super simple to switch out your milk or creamer for a soy or almond based milk and creamer. (Plus almond milk creamer is super delicious, and I’ve even got nonvegan family members who prefer it over dairy based milk and creamer!)
Dairy Free Fridays: Cheese is one of the worst foods you can put into your body, but also one of the most addictive foods. Cutting back on a meal with cheese or any dairy product will only have your stomach thanking you gratefully.
Eggless Saturdays: With how many chicks that are slaughtered (males being thrown alive into a grinder because being deemed useless) going eggless really does help save animal lives from being tortured alive.
Sundae Sundays: Us humans love our sugars and sweets, and I swear on vegetables (deemed highly in my book) that a good coconut milk ice cream will make you think twice about going back to a dairy based ice cream.
Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Even More YUM!

                                   So try vegan this new year, and happy 2016!