Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Merry Vegmas

Christmas is only 24 days away, the elves are stocking up on toys, and Santa is sure to be preparing with some vegan cookies and almond milk. It’s a very magical time of the year, and as I always say to people who don’t enjoy this time of the year, ‘BUT THE WHOLE WORLD IS HAPPY!’ How can you not love the holiday season when the whole world is in the same joyful mindset?
I think Christmas has to be one of my favorite holidays, and around the holidays there’s bound to be gift giving all around. And as a vegan, I think people consider it different because they’re not sure what to get a vegan (even though there are tons of things out there that are vegan). So what DO you get a vegan for Christmas? Snacks, clothes, almond milk? (I’d love to get some almond milk as a gift, it’s DELICIOUS!) So because vegans make it so hard (according to nonvegans) for carnivores to shop for us, I’ve put together a list of some gifts that are sure to get a vegan smile from a vegan human!
·         Tea
·         Dark chocolate
·         Books
·         Soy candle
·         Animal tshirt
·         Bath salt/body scrub
·         Animal adoption sponsorship
Though a small list, these are things that I love, and thus they are vegan approved. Now with tea, my favorite is a good chamomile and rose hips, and you can never go wrong with a good fruit tea. Dark chocolate is one of my favorite treats, and for the vegan sweet tooth lover, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer. (Just be sure to double check the ingredients for milk, not all dark chocolate is vegan) If the vegan in your life loves to cook, why not get them a vegan cookbook! I have one from the restaurant Native Foods, and it has some pretty amazing, delicious recipes in there.
Soy candles are SOY amazing! And they last much longer than non soy candles. What vegan doesn’t love a good cat tshirt? You can’t go wrong with that. For the beauty vegan, try some bath salts or body scrubs. A lot of them are vegan, and some are not, so again, be sure to read the ingredients! This last gift idea is my favorite one, and will probably make that vegan in your life the happiest person in the world. As vegans, a lot of us feel like nonvegans don’t understand our stance on meat eating and animal cruelty, but by sponsoring an animal, that is a great way to show your compassion and understanding for what vegans stand for.
So get shopping, and if none of these gifts work for you, buy them almond milk, vegans love almond milk am I right?

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