Saturday, October 10, 2015

What do vegans eat?

            Ahh, the age old question that I’m sure almost every vegan has heard of at least 20 times since going vegan (NOT counting the other 100 times). Not necessarily a new thing, but more popular now and kind of a new trend, is the vegan lifestyle. We hear about it more and more now as it gains more attention, but what exactly is it all about, and why is it SO damn popular?

Image by Ryan Hunt
Image by Ryan Hunt    

            For me personally as a full time, fully devoted vegan, I like knowing that I’m not cruelly contributing to the pain, suffering, and torture of any pig, cow, chicken, duck, rabbit, frog, monkey, sheep, fish (you get the picture).

            It’s kind of like when you see someone getting bullied at school. Do you step in and help defuse the situation? Or do you turn a blind eye because you don’t want to get involved? Being vegan means that you ARE stepping in before things go any further, taking that first step in ending a bad situation; hoping that others will follow your lead.

            Now I won’t go into what largely helped me on my journey to veganism. This we will leave for next time.

            So going back to the main question, ‘What DO vegans eat?’ The answer is simple, anything that doesn’t directly or indirectly contribute to the slaughter and killing of animals, or more complex, anything that doesn’t contain animals or animal byproducts. 

So I ask you, vegan or not, what does being vegan mean to you? 
Is it something you can stand behind? 
Or is it better kept at a distance?


  1. So what DO you actually eat, pumpkins?

  2. Can you give me some examples, what's good for protein? Do you have any recipe sites, or better yet, your own recipes you could post please?

  3. Super interested in learning more!

  4. Hi Hali. This was an awesome blog post! I am trying to go vegan 3 days each week, and the reason I started was because there is so much commotion and popularity around it. But, then I stepped back and thought about why it matters to me, beyond the fact that I can tell all of my friends that I'm vegan (kind of). I think it's important for people to internalize the reason they jump on bandwagons, such as the vegan lifestyle. For me, it deals with eating sustainably and reducing my overall carbon footprint. It seems like you are very passionate about animals, which is the driving force behind your decision to completely eliminate animals products from your diet.

    Anyways, I agree with Mark, could you please post some of your own recipes? In addition, I'd love to hear more about how to best communicate with others about trying the vegan diet without seeming like I'm shoving it down their throats. I am very interested to hear your thoughts, and I'll be sure to check back for future posts!

  5. What many people don't realize is that there is a whole spectrum of different diets under the "vegan" label. Vegans eat all kinds of things from whole plant foods to raw foods to vegan cheese and meat alternatives to vegan junk food and candy. Some are oil-free, some are gluten-free, some are soy-free, some are all organic and non-GMO, and some don't care as long as no animals get hurt. It's all good in my book, it just depends what each vegan's motivation and goals are.

    1. Yes, I agree completely! Even following a plant based diet doesn't necessarily mean that you're a vegan. I personally for a while did the 'beegan' thing and eventually gave up honey as well. It's different for everyone, like you gave with all of your examples, and I agree with you that it's all good, no matter each vegan's motivation and goals.