Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seeing is Believing

So who cares about going vegan? What’s the point of it; why not just eat what you feel like eating, when you feel like eating it?

Going into a bit about me, why am I vegan? All vegans have their own reasons, be it for health, ethical, moral, cultural, religious, or dietary reasons, we all do it for ourselves one reason or another. For me personally, it’s because I don’t have to eat meat, you don’t have to kill animals, you don’t need another being in order to survive. I haven’t always been vegan, about ten years now almost, so what made me go vegan? What led me to this passionate path of compassion, of which I hope others will join me?

I do want to preface that the following videos are disturbing and hard to watch, but please do watch with an open mind, and an open heart.

Videos by PETA

I want to follow this with your first feeling right after the videos ended. Why do you feel this way? Did you understand it? Was it new to you? It’s difficult to think that the chicken or steak on your plate has been thoroughly tortured before making it to your stomach. It’s a cruel industry that has done an unbelievable job at keeping these things behind closed doors and cages.

It’s hard to believe what you can’t see, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t true, or that they don’t happen. I get that many vegans seem to preach their lifestyle, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing your knowledge and opening these doors to others who would otherwise remain oblivious and unaware.

This post isn’t to be that cliché lifestyle preaching vegan, but more to only shed light on what we can’t see, and to bring to light these dark corners of this industry.

So are you, or do you know someone who’s vegan?
Or even an animal enthusiast?
(Because I know I am!)
What’s their reason for going vegan?
Could you imagine yourself going vegan, even for just a day?